The new site is here. Also: I’ve missed you!

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Hi, you guys! HI!!!! Man, it has been TOO long. And can I just say, in my best Eminem impression (which is not good at all) “It feels so good to be baaaaacckkkk!” I can’t tell you how many blog posts I started in the last six months. They have been sitting as drafts, unfinished, lonely.

But I miss blogging. I do. I have not been able to devote the time to it that I used to when I started three four (FOUR??!) years ago. But now that my new site is done (if you’re viewing this in a reader click over here and check it out!) I really want to get back into blogging occasionally. I say occasionally loosely. But I don’t think blogging more often than once every few months is an unreachable goal. We will see. :p


I am so so happy that this site is live though. It has been a work in progress for literally over a year. The weight that is off my shoulders (and my designer’s (aka: my husband’s)) is huge. Can I just give an extra shout out to Jordan for all the time he devoted to this for me? I am not, um, the easiest to work with when it comes to, well, my business, my BABY. Mad props to him.

It feels good not only to have this scratched off our to-do list, but to have my own site that best represents JAA! I’m excited to be able to combine my blog with my e-commerce site and give buyer’s the opportunity to purchase directly through me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Etsy, obviously. But the opportunity to have complete control over my shop, and my business, has been such a long time coming. Today is definitely a day worth celebrating for me!

Speaking of celebrating… (I’m so good at transitions)… while I was thinking of ways to celebrate this launch, I thought of asking my friends to help me spread the word. But the more I thought about the best way to approach that, the more I realized, I just want to spread the word of celebrating each other. I think that often times it’s hard to “toot your own horn” but sometimes…we deserve that celebration. Whether it’s celebrating a web launch, or having the self-control to say no to that fourth slice of pizza (let’s be honest). We all have something to celebrate.

I thought it would be fun to celebrate each other, together. So today I’m encouraging you to share a recent accomplishment that you are proud of on Instagram with the #celebrateeveryone. You are even welcome to regram the celebratory photo I shared today. I’m hoping that it will create a “happy hype” that will encourage inspiration, celebration and SUPPORT across Instagram.

I think it’s so important to show support throughout our community. I am forever grateful for the support you all have shown Julie Ann Art over the years. Thank you! xo JA

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  1. YEAH!!! It’s so freakin’ awesome!!! You should be so proud! (Is that too many exclamation points??) Now excuse me while I go order more “shit!”

  2. Trude 3 years ago

    So excited for you! It looks gorgeous! Etsy is fantastic but it seems like everyone who grows from it has to expand eventually. I recently got back to blogging too, for the same reason. Also, a site redesign helped me too. 🙂 I love batch ordering cards from you because they’re always the one people want to pass around the gathering!

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