My trip to Michigan last month was so special. I mentioned my time with my Gramps, but I realized I never talked about the Detroit Urban Craft Fair! It was my first time being a vendor at the show, and my first travel show all-together. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was nervous.

My mom was my helper for the majority of the weekend. She e-mailed pretty much everyone she knew letting them know about the show. And so many people came! Not just my friends, but family, my mom’s friends (even a woman I had never met who recognized me as “my mother’s daughter” based on looks alone. I guess we look alike!).

I also got to meet some new faces (Dawn, Mandy, Sarah and so many others but I’m bad at names, womp). That is always pretty much the coolest thing ever. I worry that I am not what I seem online (I’m probably not) but what can ya do? Always an honor meeting knew people who know of JAA.

 Necklace c/o Oh So Antsy – 15% off w/code JAALOVE 

The show itself went well! I sold out of a lot of stuff….perhaps poor planning on my part. Since it was my first show that I had to fly to I really didn’t know how much to pack. I was concerned about my suitcase weighing too much. And in general I already want to change my entire “travel display.” Everything is a learning experience, isn’t it? But I would do it again in a heart beat and it gave me the bug for more travel shows. Already planning to apply to some for 2014! Where should I go next?
And also, huge thank you to Jessica from Oh So Antsy for this special hand-cut Michigan necklace. I love that I can represent my home state. Home really is where the heart is.
  1. gina 5 years ago

    seattle :). i hope that show works out….

  2. Stephanie McDonnell 5 years ago

    Charlotte! Or anywhere near there. I will travel!

  3. Because of Jackie 5 years ago

    Love it! I moved to Traverse City, Michigan last summer and think it is a gorgeous state (and necklace.)

  4. TheHipsterHousewife 5 years ago

    I have my first show coming up in just a few weeks out here in Mass and I am so excited and nervous! I am so glad yours went well! Any tips for a newbie? We have a similar aesthetic 🙂

  5. Chelsea Oliver 5 years ago

    Such a cute necklace and I’m so glad your show went so well!


  6. Kelly Brito 5 years ago

    What adorable photos. And that necklace is the cutest!

  7. Colleen 5 years ago

    Hi, you’re my blog crush, that’s all. xox 🙂

  8. Eva Marie 5 years ago

    come to Portland 🙂

  9. Chelsea 5 years ago


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