My Green Thumb. Sort of.

I inherited a lot of things from my mom…. the brown eyes, the baking skills… but one thing that doesn’t appear to have been passed down to me is her green thumb. My mom is a mad gardener. The garden at the house I grew up in is huge. Actually, I will be visiting next week so I’ll have to take some pictures! But yeah, seriously huge.
And here I am, feeling amazingly accomplished that my three little herbs have been alive for two months now. But they have! I’m so excited! I’m pretty much regularly using the mint for my mojitos, the basil for my caprese, and the cilantro for my tacos.

Jordan bought this wooden box at a flea market we went to and I decided it was perfect for a little herb garden. I got a great deal on the mini chalkboard signs on The Plaid Barn (most others I’ve found are pretty $$).

And that’s pretty much where my green thumb stops. Everything else? Succulents. Why? Because succulents need very little tending to here in southern California climates. If I don’t water them for a couple weeks? Ain’t no thang.

Oh yeah, I forgot about my little vine. Not a succulent. And also not dead yet! My mom and I planted it at the front of our house in March. Still alive. Growing slowly. But alive! Maybe there’s still hope for my green thumb. How are your gardening skills?

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  1. chelsea 5 years ago

    Ahh succulents are my favorite! So many pretty varieties! What kind is that one you have, with the little tiny ones sprouting along the rim?

  2. Chelsea 5 years ago

    Wow I love the wooden box you used! I live in So Cal too…pretty much in the dessert and its so hard to keep anything alive, but your herbs look beautiful!

  3. Adam Mann 5 years ago

    I just bought herbs and an old box yesterday! Btw the little vine is commonly called Creeping Fig. In my experience they like a good amount of water. Used to use it in my Dart tanks.

  4. Adam Mann 5 years ago

    I just bought herbs and an old box yesterday! Btw the little vine is commonly called Creeping Fig. In my experience they like a good amount of water. Used to use it in my Dart tanks.

  5. Alice 5 years ago

    Ahh, I love all your plants! I definitely have to plant more herbs, I only have basil right now.

  6. Bev Feldman 5 years ago

    I give my husbad all the credit for our flourishing garden. If it weren’t for him, all of our plants would still be in tiny pots and not have grown very much! We can’t all have giant green thumbs, right? Btw, your garden looks great, love the herb box!

    Linkouture: Musings on the Creative Side of Life

  7. E M M A ▼ D E E R 5 years ago

    I’m not so much of a green thumb myself, but my boyfriend sure is and mom is a master gardener. I’m hoping that it just skipped a generation with me and my kids will get my sweetie’s skills and their grandmother’s, haha. We have quite a few cacti and some succulents, which is odd because we live in the U.P. of Michigan but they just don’t need that much water so you can forget about them and they keep on kickin! My garden? Not so much. We also got hit with a cold snap right after a heat wave that killed everything! One of my goals this summer though is to actually pay attention and water my garden ;]
    e m m a ▼ d e e r

  8. Angie Bailey 5 years ago

    Mine are BAD! I normally forget that I need to water my babies and they die. >.> Right now my cactus Jen bought me is doing well and I’m eagerly awaiting fresh sage… We’ll see! We LOVE gardening, and if we had our own yard (we live with family) there would be so much that we would do. Jen currently has two plants of her own that are meant to attract hummingbirds and just look pretty and they’re doing so good! 😀

  9. Congratulations on your beautiful plants! My house is nature’s funeral home :/

  10. gina 5 years ago

    succulents are all I can manage. i bought a basil plant but it’s about to die…the nice thing is that the entire plant is always about the same price as just the herb and it lasts longer :),

  11. Sarah 5 years ago

    I missed out on the green thumb from my mom too and I killed a succulent last week >_< No plants for me!

  12. I just started some herbs, as well! And am hoping I can keep them alive for awhile…
    Have you heard of purple basil?? OMG. life changing. So pretty, haha. I planted that 🙂

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