Welcoming Spring Dresses

I don’t know if you’ve noticed from the seldom outfit posts I do, but I like to wear black. Sometimes grey. Sometimes black and white. It’s not that I “don’t like” colors, I am just, for whatever reason, drawn to black. I do make an attempt to branch out (it just doesn’t always work) and to help me with my attempt I thought I’d put together a spring dress wish list, that is of course, colorful.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 /  8

I mean, everything is super cute, am I right? So why when I go to the store to I generally skip over all this stuff? I’m telling you, I need to hire Erika as my personal shopper. One day I’m going to fly her down from Seattle and make her go shopping for me.

What’s your style like? Are you drawn to bright colors? Are you embracing the crazy neon trend that seems to be around every corner at mall right now? Will you come help me shop? ;] xo JA

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  1. Clothes and Dreams 6 years ago

    2 & 8 are so cute! 😀 I know how you’re feeling: I usually skip those things in the shops and buy more black, gray and white things, but I tend to buy more colourful things online :p
    Just not at all into that neon colour trend thing…


  2. Jaclyn 6 years ago

    I’m definitely a bright clothing gal. I love black for a night out or to vamp up with some killer jewelry, but my maxi dress collection looks like this: bright the frack salmon/orange; bright blue tribal pattern; leopard print; nude colored with stripes of neon aqua and yellow at the bottom; pink and orange striped. Wow, I have a lot of maxi dresses …

  3. Rebecca 6 years ago

    these are all so stunning and I’m the same way–I wear far too much black! I’m definitely making it a mission of mine to stop buying so many dark colors!

  4. Amy 6 years ago

    Number 8 is a dream! I was at a wedding the other day where all the bridesmaids wore something very similar to that one and it was so different and looked so good!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  5. McKenna Ryan 6 years ago

    I a loving numbers 3 and 6. Such a great selection. xx. McKenna Lou
    p.s. Be sure to enter into our giveaway on the blog today! $50 to Octavia Bloom! http://www.lynnandlou.com/2013/04/octavia-bloom-giveaway.html

  6. Rianne 6 years ago

    Love numbers 1 and 3! I avoid wearing black, because it doesn’t look good on me :P.

  7. Alice 6 years ago

    Ahh, you are my long lost twin! I am always drawn to black, then grey, then blue. But black is my go to color, I just feel comfortable in it. I could never wear pink for example, although I like the color itself, but it just wouldn’t work on me. But speaking of neon – I do have neon yellow flats! Crazy huh? But if I choose something colorful, it’s usually an accessory of some sort.

    Out of all the dresses my faves are 5 and 6. I think they have enough color, but are not too “out there”, and they have this classic twist with the stripes / color blocking.


  8. Sally 6 years ago

    Ooo loving 1 & 8! They’re all fabulous though. You don’t need a personal shopper! Haha. You can be mine! I usually go for solid classics that I can accessorize with pops of color, but I’m starting to branch out into prints… Ack!

  9. Chloe Moon 6 years ago

    I just love #5, #6, #7!! Beautiful!! I need to get some new spring dresses! So excited!

  10. You can fly me down any time! you know I would love to be a personal shopper 🙂

  11. It's Sooo Fluffy 6 years ago

    OOOO I love #1! I’ve been buying lots of coral. It is my favorite color right now 🙂

  12. Yolanda Ronaldo 6 years ago

    1, 4 , 5 and 7 are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂

  13. Janel Gradowski 6 years ago

    My daughter just bought one very similar to #1 for her middle school graduation. She loves it and I do too!

  14. medoKartonski 6 years ago

    Nuber 3 is beautiful!!!

  15. Eyelah 6 years ago

    nice finds. I think I like #4 and #6 the most.

  16. Bev Feldman 6 years ago

    I’m terrible about buying gray’s and blacks, every time I pack for a trip I’m like “Where’s the color?!” Those dresses are really cute, though!

  17. Kandyce H 6 years ago

    I tend to stick with neutral colors as well! I love 7 and 8. My best kept secret is a little online shop http://www.stitchedapparel.com. They sell vintage inspired clothing like this and for half of the price that places like ModCloth and Zulily charge!

  18. Betty Pickle 5 years ago

    who makes these dresses? especially 1 through 4 and 8…

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