Six Months Self Employed

I was blow drying my hair last night and randomly thought about how I quit my job right before Labor Day last year. I checked my calendar and realized tomorrow is my 6 Month Self Employed Anniversary. (I made it up, just go with it.)

Six months really isn’t that long. I know I can’t expect the years to come to play out the same way. But I couldn’t be more grateful for how the past six months have gone.

I occasionally get e-mails asking “how I got started.” The truth is, I started my business with no intention or dream of making it my full-time job. I had my Etsy shop for four years before I pursued it full-time.

When I first started thinking about quitting my job I made a list of all my monthly expenses to get an idea of what I would need to make monthly just to cover my bills. (I made sure to add in an estimated health insurance cost too since that would be a new expense.) And you know what? The number freaked me out. I was like “That is ‘x’ cards per month!!!” So I took a step back, re-evaluated. I took my time and made sure I was prepared before jumping into things. (Honestly, I was probably over-responsible and over-practical about the decision.)

The past 6 months have not always been a walk in the park. I have definitely faced some challenges that come along with being a small business owner. But, it’s a learning experience. Each challenge helps me grow as a person and a business.

Despite the occasional set backs, I couldn’t feel more fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue what I love. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring! xo JA

  1. Megan 6 years ago

    Happy anniversary!! You and your shop deserve all your hard-earned success 🙂

  2. Jaclyn 6 years ago

    You should hold some kind of self-employed Q&A on here. I’d love to know more. I’m not looking into taking the plunge, but there are certain things I’ve always wondered about those who manage to do so.

  3. Sally 6 years ago

    Happy anniversary! Really inspiring.

  4. Setarra 6 years ago

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Carolina Tjhin 6 years ago

    I agree with Jaclyn, I would love to read that!

  6. Dawn 6 years ago

    Happy six-month selfployedversary! (I know, I know, it’s a terrible portmanteau.) I tried. But, really, happy anniversary! So happy that you were able to dive into the deep end and make it happen! I’ll picking out an order of cards from you soon, actually…

  7. Dave 6 years ago

    You are a constant inspiration, lady.

  8. Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) 6 years ago

    It’s been wonderful and inspiring to watch you and your shop develop and grow the last six months. 🙂

  9. Shannon 6 years ago

    I’m so happy for you and your success. I wish you tons and tons of success in the future as well.

  10. Amber C. 6 years ago

    Congrats! I love your work and blog!

  11. Heidi S 6 years ago

    Woohoo! Time has been flying by! True story: I was sitting at my desk this afternoon at school during my planning period with a blank sheet of paper and I was making that same sort of list and playing the numbers game. Just got home and read this post and had to laugh a little.

  12. J Websdale 6 years ago

    It takes a lot of courage to do what you did. Making your decision based on the reality of life is never “over-responsible and over-practical”. It shows that you’re “all grown up” and know what to expect and plan for. Good for you and all the best up to and past the next 6 month anniversary!

  13. Amy 6 years ago

    Congratulations! You are so successful and it’s only been 6 months!!

    Amy | The Little Koala

  14. Erin 6 years ago


  15. It's Sooo Fluffy! 6 years ago

    Woo! Happy Anniversary!

  16. Emily 6 years ago

    Happy anniversary of self-employment! Congratulations on this milestone. I so enjoy your blog and your shop, I’m glad you’re doing it full time!

  17. Summer Martin 6 years ago

    Happy anniversary! I love your shop I’ll continue to buy your lovely cards as long as you keep it going!

    Summer x

  18. Lindsay @ Bella Cene 6 years ago

    Congrats! This is so inspiring… I can’t wait until I can write a post like this on my own 🙂

    I hope for many more 6 month chunks of success for you!

  19. Elaine Buckner 6 years ago

    Give yourself a raise!

  20. gina 6 years ago

    yay for 6 months! self employment is the best, isn’t it?

  21. misselayneous 6 years ago

    That was really inspiring! How I wish I could also start my own business and be self-employed like you. I really love your blog and just wanted to say that every time I check your posts it motivates me to blog more and keep doing what I love. Thanks! And Happy Anniversary!

  22. eef 6 years ago

    Yay! Congratulations! =]

  23. Loves Happy Hour 6 years ago

    awesome!! i love reading your posts, especially ones like this! it really shows you that you can be successful doing something that you love and that you can make money outside of the rat race.

  24. I love hearing your story unfold! You are doing amazing things, girl – keep going and congrats!

  25. Anama Lily 6 years ago

    All The Best To You And Many More!

  26. Bev Feldman 6 years ago

    Woo, happy self-employed anniversary!

  27. So exciting – congratulations and may the next six months be doubly successful!

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