I’m finally getting back into routine after the Valentine’s craze. It kind of surprised me that it took me a few days to get back into the scheme of things. I had basically been doing only orders all the time that when I didn’t have a bajillion to process I didn’t know what to do with my “free” time.

Finally this weekend though, I made a big to-do list to help get me back on track. It wasn’t that there was a lack of things to do, it was just that my schedule was out of whack. (She’s got rhymes folks.) Seeing a list in front of me has always helped me stay focused.

(St. Patrick’s Day cards can be found here.)

I added a couple new cards in the shop for the upcoming holidays. It felt really good to design again. There’s something so rewarding about sitting down and racking your brain for good ideas, the “right” idea. Although it makes me (and Jordan) realize how damn nit-picky I am. (Nothing wrong with wanting a quality product right? Even if it involves knocking down the boyfriend’s opinion a little too quickly?)

(Easter cards can be found here.)
Just as I’m getting back into a routine though, my Mom is coming to town. She arrives Tuesday and will be staying in California a looooong time. I can definitely see that putting a wrench in my JAA schedule. Do you notice how this year she decided to come at the end of February, instead of the beginning of February like she did last year? I must’ve made her fold a few to many cards or write a few to many addresses so that this year she was like ‘mehhh I’ll wait till February 19th.’ Psh.
Anyways, we have some plans of homemade dough making, gardening, and potential sewing. Any other suggestions for keeping my mom busy for two weeks? xo JA

P.S. Don’t forget, there’s two great giveaway going on here and here!

  1. Carolynn Markey 5 years ago

    ahh! I’m a ginger <3

  2. Natasha 5 years ago

    Haha, keeping a visiting parent busy can be hard 🙂 And I always feel like we need to be doing something specific and not just relaxing.

  3. Jem 5 years ago

    Absolutely love your handmade cards – they are genius! 😛

  4. Dave Conrey 5 years ago

    I literally busted out laughing in public at the Peeps card. I’ll be getting that one for the wife, for sure.

  5. It's Sooo Fluffy! 5 years ago

    ha! I love that peeps card!

  6. Tia 5 years ago

    I love them all! My fiance is a ginger, maybe I’ll have to pick one up 😉

  7. Dawn 5 years ago

    Your plans with your mom sound pretty awesome. I need to ship my mom out to Indiana sometime and do things with her; I know she’s lonely … and I miss her, too! We always used to do puzzles together. And ONLY Charles Wysocki-style puzzles. We’re weird like that. I’m liking the new designs–I wish I knew I redhead to give the “gingers” card, to!

  8. Once Upon The Hill 5 years ago

    The Peeps card totally made me laugh out loud. Love it! (I strangely like them, but at the same time thing they are gross so I can still relate).

    My Mom and I always love to bake something together. Might be fun. 🙂

    Once Upon The Hill

  9. Helene 5 years ago

    adore these cards. suggestions for keeping busy: writing a blog post for you?

  10. Caroline 5 years ago

    Such cute creations! If my mom ever came over, she’d be obsessed with cleaning/doing laundry, etc. for me – not because I want her to, but because she can’t stand me living in “filth,” hahaha…

  11. xfallenmoon 5 years ago

    love the typography for the word “ginger”.

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  12. xfallenmoon 5 years ago

    i figured. but if i didn’t know you (well, your blog…) i never would have guessed. you have an amazingly steady hand. <3

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  13. SH 5 years ago

    My hubby is a ginger…I should get him that card 🙂

    The Hartungs Blog

  14. Tia 5 years ago

    I too have been struggling to get back in the swing of things since V-day. But I love a good list, and started today off with an epic one. Hopefully I can get my ass back in gear!

  15. Sally Anderson 5 years ago

    Absolutely love the St. Patrick’s Day cards! Just perfect.

  16. Yesss love your new card ideas for St. Patty’s!! An I totally agree – it feels SO good to just sit down, think up creative ideas, and bust them out. My mom always comes and visits once a year in July when she stays for about 3 weeks. I try to do unplanned things – like taking a drive up to a lookout point to take photos. Those are always the best moments!

  17. Loves Happy Hour 5 years ago

    cute! Finally someone has said that peeps are gross! These are all great! Keep up the great work!

  18. Emily 5 years ago

    Your cards made me laugh out loud! I especially love the “gingers are sexy” one. The activities you have planned for your mom sound like a blast 🙂

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