Valentine’s Design Block

You guys, I’m really excited to share my Valentine’s Day line with you! The past few days I have been photographing, editing, preparing listings. I’ve been stamping envelopes, punching hearts, cutting thank you notes. I’m basically trying to get as prepared as possible before shit gets crazy. I’m hoping to get all the new cards in the shop by…tomorrow!? Eek!

I have been anticipating Valentine’s 2013 since Valentine’s 2012 ended. I want to confide in you about something though. I struggled while designing this year’s line. I wanted to make it cohesive with my branding and style…while making sure my shop stays unique. Competition is in high gear, as I am constantly reminded, and I for one, do not want my shop to look just like another card shop. So I struggled, to continue using the style that is recognized as JAA, while continuing to be unique, my own. But I learned to use this as motivation and determination. This challenge helped me to grow as a designer and for that I am thankful. I am now really happy with the cohesive, yet new, line I created. And I really really hope you are too!

So while you may notice some differences in these new cards, you’ll still find the simple, hand-drawn, “just the right amount of punch” style that is, and will continue to be, JAA.

  1. Colleen 5 years ago

    The previews have been super cute, can’t wait to see!

  2. you go girl. this is just making you and your awesome brand stronger! 🙂

  3. Ana 5 years ago

    How exciting!! I’m sure the cards are awesome!!

  4. Melanie 5 years ago

    Cant wait to see the full line…I’ve beene enjoying the sneak peeks on Instagram. 🙂

  5. Bev Feldman 5 years ago

    I am really excited to see you cards! Loving the sneak peeks as well.

  6. MACRÍA Diseño 5 years ago

    your work is great, competition will always exist but you have to make your difference.
    good luck

  7. Dawn 5 years ago

    I’ve enjoyed seeing all of your sneak peeks, so I can’t wait to see everything be unveiled! I’m sure it’s going to be an excellent collection/line/whatever word is appropriate here. You’ve been getting sassier lately, and I like it. 😉

  8. Chelsea 5 years ago

    Oof! That stamp is so rad, your art is simply beautiful 🙂

  9. Chloe Moon 5 years ago

    OOOooo the preview looks adorable!! I can’t wait to see your line!! I can’t imagine how crazy it must get designing your own line!!! Looks like it’s turning out great though! Best wishes & Happy Friday!

    Ergo – Blog

  10. kbgirl 5 years ago

    Your creativity is inspiring for me in my own shop. Thank you for that! Just a curious questions .. With the amount of cards that you print out, do you use a print shop or what printer do you use at home?

    kel @

  11. Jasmine Brink-Li 5 years ago

    I love your valentine cards! I can’t wait to choose!
    Keep up the great work!

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