Sponsor Spotlight: Bake All The Things

Are you ready for your mouth to water? When Gena from Bake All The Things sent me over her photos for this post, I immediately got hungry. Her baked goods look soooo yummy!

 You want yummy goodness from the bakery? I’m your girl!

After five years in the non-profit fundraising and event-planning world, I’m excited for a career shift. I never imagined I’d be my own boss, or own a business, but I’m having terrific fun tackling the learning curve! Baking ooey, gooey, delicious treats has always been an enjoyment, and I’m thrilled to put my creativity to work! When I started baking, I quickly realized my specialty: indulgent, decadent treats. Often this includes recipes with hard-to-find or extravagant ingredients – I’m pleased to offer these small-batch goodies for your enjoyment!

Unicorn Poop cookies? I’m dying. Love it!
If your mouth is watering like mine, you’re in luck! Gena is offering 15% off to JAA readers with the coupon code JULIEANNART15. Check out her shop to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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  1. bama @ bama+ry 6 years ago

    That looks absolutely amazing!!!

  2. Mel 6 years ago

    Unicorn Poop Cookies? HRHRHRHR. OMG I almost fell off of my chair. Love the name!!! And it fits so good ..hehe

  3. ElleSee 6 years ago

    You would not believe how excited I was to see that she ships to Canada. Those brownies look amazing!

  4. circleofchaos 6 years ago

    Yummy yummy,love OREO cookies.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  5. Nessa 6 years ago

    Wow that stuff looks amazing!

  6. Kelsea Echo 6 years ago

    These look so, so good! Eyeing the sampler in her shop… mmm…

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