Summer Time Arm Party

I participated in the Summer Time Arm Party thrown by Illy, of Much Love Illy, and Leonora, of Yellow Heart Art. I mean, how could I not? We all totally bonded a few months back at a blogging conference and they are pretty much my best interweb friends. (I like to say interweb, I don’t know why).
I got paired up with Erika, of Rouge +Whimsy, my other best interweb friend. Extra excitement! And she made me the cutest bracelets! She used coral and turquoise, two of my favorite colors right now and added a little gold bling as well. Love love!
So cute right?! :] I love them and her!

When it came to making bracelets, a nervousness set in because I didn’t know if my lack of jewelry making skills would keep me from making a quality bracelet for my friend. But I *think* I did an ok job. I sent Erika these two babies:
I had so much fun participating in this and I hope that Illy and Leo host another Arm Party in the future  (*hint hint*). You can check out this link up to see what other bracelets were exchanged!

  1. I LOVED my bracelets and I’m so glad that you liked yours! (I was super nervous to send you yours…)

  2. So cute! =) You girls both scored!

  3. Allie 6 years ago

    SO cute!!!!

  4. Gina 6 years ago

    yes, so cute. you guys both did such a good job!

  5. Megan 6 years ago

    Super cute! You’re both budding jewelry designers, in my opinion!

  6. Bethany 6 years ago

    both of the sets you exchanged are so cute!! great job!

  7. Erin 6 years ago

    I love the ones you made for her and the ones she made for you! I’ve been having so much fun this morning looking at all the blogs that swapped!

  8. Tagg 6 years ago

    So dainty and pretty! <3


  9. I love them all so much! Erika has a great eye!

  10. Cindii 6 years ago

    Very pretty!!!

  11. Sandy a la Mode 6 years ago

    soooo pretty! all of it! 🙂

    Sandy a la Mode

  12. Autumn 6 years ago

    love them! my favorite colors 🙂

  13. Chelsea 6 years ago

    How pretty!

  14. Shannon 6 years ago

    What a great swap idea! I love your bracelets.

  15. Tia 6 years ago

    What a cute idea!

  16. Micha 6 years ago

    I really like the circles on both of your bracelets and you did a great job with the ones you sent Erika.

  17. ilene @ muchloveilly 6 years ago

    both of you have mad skills! LOVE all of these bracelets – stunning and love that you guys got paired up! thanks for joining the fun, friend. xo to you!

  18. Jamie 6 years ago

    ahhh…both of you exchanged such cute bracelets!


  19. Dorien 6 years ago

    Oh you did a great job! Maybe you can post a tutorial on how you made that turqoise one because it’s awesome! xo

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