Valentine’s Day Nails

I thought I’d get a little extra festive for Valentine’s Day tomorrow and create some lovey dovey nail art. It was super easy and I think they are so fun!
Just paint your nails the color of your choice and let dry. Then, using a nail pen, decorate each nail with a little heart. I like nail pens rather than the skinny little brushes I’ve seen used for nail art because it’s easier for me to control. It’s just like drawing with a regular pen! Although I admit, drawing on the right hand got pretty tricky. Be sure to follow up with a top coat to seal the design nicely. Once dried, you’re sure to get compliments on your fun and festive nails! Have fun!
  1. Breanna Hohenstein 7 years ago

    i love your nails 🙂

  2. Melissa 7 years ago

    Love this! So cute! …I’m gonna try this 🙂

  3. Oooh pretty! i wish i had a nail pen! xo

  4. Shannon 7 years ago

    Oh, I love this!!! Love, love, love.

  5. 7 years ago

    that’s so cute! I need to get my hands on a nail pen.

  6. Rachael 7 years ago

    This is so cute for V Day!

  7. Jasanna Czellar 7 years ago

    these are sooo cute! My nails are already maroon from yesterday so I’m totally going to go hit up Wagreens for a white nail pen!! 🙂

  8. Brooke 7 years ago

    these are so fun! I wish I had a steadier hand, I used to be so good a little nail designs back in high school. now I make a mess which is why I tend to opt for mani’s 🙂

  9. Sarah 7 years ago

    very cute! I have pretty shaky hands though and just know the white would go everywhere when doing my right hand. Might be easier to use sticky paper and cut a heart out as a template?

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