Packaging is something that is so important for small business owners. The presentation of your product can can create a more personal customer experience. I know when I order something from Etsy I get extra excited when I see the seller has taken the time to create cute packaging for the item. It is these little details that make small businesses so special.
That is why I was so excited to work with Cat, of LoveBabyJewels on a custom stamp for my orders! I have always enjoyed the look of stamps. They are defined yet imperfect. It really adds an appealing touch to packaging.
I got to create my own design and Cat was very helpful every step of the way. We went back and forth making a couple changes here and there. She was great at letting me know what type works best for stamps and what doesn’t. I absolutely LOVE how it came out! I also love that the design I made lets people know that the item inside is handmade! Trying to spread the handmade word as far and wide as I can!

Want to add the handmade touch to your packages with an adorable stamp? I definitely recommend Cat’s shop! If you’re not exactly design-savvy, she has a ton of cute business-related designs already made up, and I just realized she also offers wrapping paper and wall decals!

Do you drool over pretty packaging too? How do you package your product extra special?

  1. Angie 6 years ago

    I LOVE pretty packaging. When the outside is as much of a treat as the inside, I know I bought something truly special. Your packaging is so. cute!!!

  2. Cute! everything you do is pretty! thank you for sharing this shop 🙂 xo

  3. Natasha Fatah 6 years ago

    This is so lovely. We all know packaging counts. 😉


  4. Kristi Hoskins 6 years ago

    So pretty! I feel the same way when I get a package from another handmade artist! I also love seeing how creative everyone else gets. I love the brown paper + doily combo!


  5. eHan 6 years ago

    So happy you recommended Cat’s shop. I have been wanting a stamp with my signature and I hadn’t found a good place to get one! Now, I can customize it! 🙂 You’re awesome. Thank you!

    p.s. After V-Day I plan on placing an order, and I can’t wait to see your packaging in person! 🙂

  6. Shannon 6 years ago

    Packaging is so important. And yours is sooooo cute!!! I love it.

  7. Erin / Miri-love 6 years ago

    Wow, I love Cat’s shop. Thanks so much for linking that up – gorgeous stuff.

    I love your packaging too! Congrats on the recent FP!


  8. Chrissy 6 years ago

    That stamp is wonderful! I love your packaging! xxx

  9. JasmineFlower 6 years ago

    I love the packaging! I think it makes the whole ordering online experience better. Waiting for the mail to arrive, slowly unpacking it. I love that. And it definitely influences whether I buy from them again!

  10. keepingitindie 6 years ago

    I love packaging too! I am currently re-working mine. Yours is awesome – so lovely and elegant!

    Happy Thursday – Brandi

  11. BCshutterbug 6 years ago

    That is beautiful packaging! That was actually part of the reason I wanted to sell stuff was so I could package it too lol. I took some packaging materials that use to come in at my old job to make my own paper bags for the one market I’ve done. I like the idea of a custom stamp. Yours is wonderful! As usual, awesome post 🙂

  12. Kristin 6 years ago

    There is nothing better than receiving a beautifully wrapped package! This is one of the main reasons I buy handmade when I can. It really shows how much care went into the creation. I must tell you how much I appreciate it when shop owners do this!!

    Domestically Unemployed

  13. Lucy 6 years ago

    Wonderful post, I thoroughly agree! It’s a lovely surprise when you receive a unique handwrapped and handmade product 🙂

  14. Candice 6 years ago

    I adore pretty packaging! It’s one of the reasons I like to shop at small businesses rather than larger, commercial ones because I find small businesses (especially handmade biz) take more time and care with their products. Your packaging is gorgeous! Will check out Cat’s shop in the future. We’ve been thinking about creating our own stamps too 🙂

  15. Shana Talley 6 years ago

    This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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