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YAAAASSSSS! You're in.

So way way back, in June, I wrote this Studio Organization post, about starting the process of organizing my studio by cleaning out the closet full of junk. Well, it’s September and…let’s just say the closet is a work in progress. Some of the things that are taking up space in the closet are shirts that I never wear anymore. I realized I could repurpose them into something else!
Here are some tutorials for recycling shirts:

Check out these t-shirt scarves!
(I apologize, this site seems to have removed their tutorial for this project.)

Create a woven headband using this tutorial.
Create cute little bows for accessories or packaging with this tutorial.
Love this wreath created with an old sweater sleeve.
Recycled T-shirt dishcloths.
Gorgeous ruffled pillow tutorial here
Love the idea of a t-shirt rug.
Looks like I have a lot of projects ahead of me to keep me from cleaning out my closet! ;] 
  1. Tycia's crafts 7 years ago

    Loved all these projects. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Annika 7 years ago

    I have some old t-shirts just itching to trun into these cute items! Thanks for sharing!!

    A Sweet Release

  3. aquariann 7 years ago

    Wonderful projects, especially the ruffled pillow!!

  4. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Just stumbled on your page. Love the rug idea, but the link takes me to the pillow tutorial.

  5. Julie Ann 7 years ago

    Thanks for the heads up! I fixed the link. :]

  6. Sugarfree 7 years ago

    Those scarves are awesome!

  7. Thailand Breeze 7 years ago

    This is a great way to recycle t-shirts that we no longer want to keep. The pillow case is my favorite.

    Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

  8. Our Life by DH 7 years ago

    Thanks! I loved these ideas!

  9. Jamie Pilgrim 7 years ago

    OooOOOoooh, I feel a few new projects coming on! Thanks for the links!

  10. Alzerina 7 years ago

    very interesting project,you are so smart. take a look of my blog, and tell me what you think.

  11. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Where is the link for the scarves? It doesnt seem to show up for me……

  12. kathrynskharisma 7 years ago

    I love everything on here.
    Thanks for sharing! ;).

  13. waiyi 7 years ago

    OMG, that is so cool!! I love to recyle. The rug looks great. Thanks for sharing!!

    I made a good tutorial to turn doily into clock, here is the link if you are interested:

  14. Digi Stitches 7 years ago

    I’m amazed at the items that can be made from T-shirts and they all look so soft and cozy!

  15. Nicola 7 years ago

    So cool. I want to save up my t-shirts and make something now. What’s also nice is that you could use the families’ shirts and make something special from them, like the rug. That’s what they used to do with the quilts. They would be recycled clothes.

  16. Jazelle 7 years ago

    Maybe I’ll finally get rid of all those old t-shirts. I think the scarf is my favorite!

  17. Amanda 7 years ago

    Great ideas, I’ll have to have a go at these, thanks for sharing. Love that hairband by the way.

  18. Erin 7 years ago

    I LOVE those t-shirt scarves. And it’s weird that I found this on StumbleUpon b/c I just made a tutorial for the same kind of project, but I want to make some that are much bigger and chunkier than I’ve done so far. I just got into making them and it’s totally addictive and really fun. They’re super cozy to wear. I’ve found some t-shirts at thrift stores that are so super soft and cozy to wear.

  19. alittlepetite 7 years ago

    i LOVEE the scarves!! great idea!!!


  20. holzgrill 7 years ago

    very nice stuff. Thanx

  21. Anonymous 7 years ago

    hi, the link for the scarves takes me to an advert and I can’t seem to find a way to the scarf link. Great stuff here.

  22. Julie Ann 7 years ago

    Hi there! The link is in the text below the image. It is: http://www.methodhome.com/blog/getting-crafty-hipster-scarves

  23. Lyn Deutsch 7 years ago

    So creative!

  24. T 7 years ago

    Love it! Very crafty. http://www.dealdishingmom.com

  25. Sonal B 7 years ago

    Truly an artistic recycling of unused clothes. Liked it a lot!!

  26. Carol 7 years ago

    Love the scarves but no luck with the link, it is just about cleaning products. So I’ll never know how they are made. Boo hoo

  27. Julie Ann 7 years ago

    Carol, that’s weird, it goes to the correct link for me. http://www.methodhome.com/blog/getting-crafty-hipster-scarves

  28. Carol 7 years ago

    Bet it is because I am in the UK. The cleaning products look good though!

  29. Carolyn 7 years ago

    Some great ideas for recycling shirts… the tshirt scarves look fantastic.

  30. Tattoo art & design 7 years ago

    Wow! That’s a really nice idea, thanks for sharing and I will definely try this for myself!

  31. ScattyShirley 7 years ago

    hi Julie, I tried that link it still takes me to the Method home page bUT I cannot find your tutorial at all, I keep trying links on that page, have signed up and still no joy..
    Love the rug, I am guessing it is the same method we used to use when I was young, we would all sit around helping make rugs from old jumpers that my Mum would cut up into strips and we used a hook tool to pull them through a canvas. BUT I long to know how to make those scarves as my granddaughters would love them. Is there a possibility that you could somehow send it directly. Thanks as you know I too am in UK like Carol

  32. Find Bank Online 7 years ago

    Very nice project lovely………..

  33. Kristy 7 years ago

    LOVE these!!!

  34. It's Carmen 7 years ago

    I love the dishcloth one! That’s so fabulous. I have a ton of old pajama shirts that could use recycling!

  35. these look like so much fun! Christmas break projects 🙂

  36. Eleni 7 years ago

    Thanks for gathering up all those tutorials! I’ve always wanted to make that rug but never got the time.. maybe now is the perfect moment!

  37. Amy 7 years ago

    what absolutely wonderful ideas! Love your blog. I’ll definitely be back. Amy

  38. Carollee 7 years ago

    These are so cute! I have to ask, how did you have all the same color for that rug? All my t-shirts are not these cute colors! Love your blog!

  39. What to do about the shirts that somehow met ketchup stains all over? How do you recycle that? :p

  40. Really cool tshirts

  41. JULIE TAKASE 7 years ago

    Very cool!

  42. Laila 7 years ago

    This is a very nice site, you are very creative:)

  43. Chris 7 years ago

    super creative and resourceful!

  44. Result News 7 years ago

    Awesome creatives. I really love this free home made products from old t-shirts. Thanks for the tutorial.

  45. Rosie 7 years ago

    I’m having the same problem with the scarves as the other gals from the UK./.. bummer! I really wanted to make a few scarves, too.

  46. Carrie 7 years ago
  47. NoWickCandle 7 years ago

    Never would have thought about any of this! Thanks for sharing!!

  48. FunEasyKidsCrafts 7 years ago

    What a lovely idea. No more throwing away t-shirts or using them for painting

  49. Ayame 7 years ago

    thanks for the ideas

  50. Samara 7 years ago

    These ideas are amazing- I especially love the scarf 🙂



  51. Cathy 7 years ago

    These are all so adorable, love the rug!

  52. Anonymous 6 years ago

    These are colorful, and so neat! Great ideas!

  53. Larslove 6 years ago

    Wow what a great project. THat rug looks amazing. I think it would look so good in my daughters room. Now, where is that box of my husbands old concert tees?

  54. Rachel @ REDceramics on Etsy 6 years ago

    These are really fantastic – wow!

  55. Kara Antrim 6 years ago

    I love the idea of making a rug out of old T-shirts! Mine would probably be multi-colored though. Thanks for the fun ideas. 🙂

  56. Anonymous 6 years ago

    you r so creative!!!! u go super green girl!!!LOL

  57. Anonymous 6 years ago

    i have had no luck with the scarves’ link and I’m in the US. Any help?

  58. Anonymous 6 years ago

    omg! thank you! i love this project and will make thousands of scarves. (i love scarves)

  59. Aaron Castle 5 years ago

    Nicely prepared post! Bookmark’d!

  60. Krystal 5 years ago

    Some really great ideas!

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