Easy DIY Wedding Centerpiece

As you know, I went out of town for a wedding last weekend. Well, before the wedding the bride, Leah, had asked me if I knew where she could find little chalkboards at a low price. She wanted to use them to name the dinner tables. I told her that, given the recent popularity of chalkboards, on top of shipping costs, it would probably be pretty hard to find them for a reasonable price. So I suggested she make them. Easy and sooooo much cheaper!
 Materials Needed:
Picture Frames
Chalkboard Spraypaint
She found these frames at Ikea, 3 for $2!
Leah spent an afternoon spraying the plastic that came inside the Ikea frames with Chalkboard spray paint. Wait for them to dry, reassemble the frame, and that is literally it! It’s such an easy project and I can’t imagine how much money it saved Leah. She even used them at the bar area, labeling the drinks “Mojito” and “Sweet Tea.” Such a cute touch and perfect for a crafty bride on a budget!
  1. Cabootique 7 years ago

    That’s so cute, and such a good idea. I think I’m going to give it a try!

  2. Bex 7 years ago

    Great tutorial!
    Love it <3 xo

  3. LC 7 years ago

    Love it!

  4. Crystal DeStefano 7 years ago

    What a great tutorial! Thanks!! 🙂

  5. Lord Cyler 7 years ago

    Cute. I’ll use that at my next wedding.

  6. Crystal 7 years ago

    Also, there are those cheap shape cutouts at any craft store. Many have them in hearts. Spray paint those and write names on them with table number for table cards! Maybe not as cheap as regular cards, but they would keep with the theme! I also believe there is multiple colors of chalkboard paint available. (maybe not in a spray can though).

  7. Delaney 7 years ago

    So simple & cute!

  8. aquariann 7 years ago

    Great idea! I didn’t know chalkboard spray paint existed, how fun!!

  9. Kym {Love Wed Bliss} 7 years ago

    Too easy! Love them.

  10. candle favors 7 years ago

    Love the idea of DIY’ng your own frames to use for wedding decorations. These are great for displaying table numbers, instructions, menu cards, etc…

  11. Truan 7 years ago

    Wow, great idea! I’ve been looking for little chalkboards to use for my photoshoot this weekend – these are fantastic! 🙂

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