DIY Craft Show Display

This weekend we went to work on making a display for my show in a couple weeks. Did I say “we”? I meant I helped come up with the concept and my boyfriend did the rest of the work. (He’s the best!)

I was actually lucky enough to have access to a ton of pallets and wine crates at my work. So we knew we had wood for the back board but weren’t sure about how to make the shelves. After some time spent at Home Depot we found the right wood (they cut it down to the length of the pallet for us) and hardware to make the perfect card display.

(Penny chaperoned.)
A lot of positioning and drilling and viola! A cute little DIY craft show display! I’ve seen card displays on Etsy, and other sites, for no less than $50. I’m SO glad we put a little work into it and came up with this handmade display on our own. I think it will add an extra special handmade touch to my table at the show. Now I need to get back to printing inventory! Hope you’re having a happy weekend! :]
  1. Theresa 7 years ago

    Great idea! Good luck at your craft show!

  2. Shelley (EvenAndy) 7 years ago

    That is a great display and awesome that your boyfriend made it for you! I hope that you have tons of success at your show!

  3. Lindsay 7 years ago

    love! have fun and good luck at your show 🙂

  4. ~HannahLou~ 7 years ago

    Great idea (: good luck at the show! (:

  5. oh how cool! I love that — I’ve never seen that kind of display at a show before

    are you going to paint/stain or leave it natural?

  6. Amanda 7 years ago

    what agreat idea…do you hire out the BF?

  7. VaLon 7 years ago

    That is so cute!

  8. José 7 years ago

    The dog doesn’t seem quite convinced 🙂
    Good luck with the show.

    Kind regards,


  9. ashley 7 years ago

    That looks great! I am facing the same dilemma for my photos. I have a few months to come up with something practical. Great inspiration!

  10. Aqsa Rao 7 years ago

    Good work..
    Display banner

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