June Goals

I can’t believe it’s June. We are almost half way done with 2011 already! Wasn’t it just New Years? I guess I could blame time flying on California’s seasons (aka: there are none). As a Michigan girl, I don’t think I will ever get used to consistent weather all year round.

I’m actually really excited for this month! I have lots of plans and goals and To Do lists already started. I’ve been working with some fellow bloggers/Etsians and I’m so happy to say that I have amazing seller features and giveaways planned for each week this month! It is going to make me a very busy bee but I’m looking forward to it.

One important thing I made sure to do for my June Goals list is include fun, simple, non-business related things! It is starting to get too easy for me to think about my business every minute I’m awake. If I’m relaxing on the couch, watching TV, just five minutes into the show I’ll think “Oh I need to be doing such and such..” It is SO important to be able to completely step away from work. Yes it is your passion, yes you love what you do, but take a break so you can have some time for your fun goals! What are your goals for this month?

One of my goals is to write an About Me post that new readers can check out when they come across my blog. I am not the best at talking about myself so if you guys have any questions for me please leave a comment below! Whether it’s personal or business-related, it will definitely help me get over my autobiography writer’s block!

And if you’re interested in getting featured on Julie Ann Art, you can get more information here!

  1. Thanks for the inspiration to actually write my goals down! I need to do that to motivate myself since I’m a follow-the-rules and check-off-my-list kinda girl!

  2. Julie Ann Art 8 years ago

    Tricia, I have to write my goals down! Seeing them right in front of me is the best motivation to get them done. That and posting them on the internet for everyone to see…;]

  3. Remaking Memories 8 years ago

    I’m right there with both of you! I have to write things down or they never get done. Best of luck in checking every one of those items off of your list!

  4. Sher 8 years ago

    What a great post. I like the idea of a June Goals list. You give yourself a whole month so you have a much better chance of completing them. Great idea!

  5. Christie Cottage 8 years ago

    Sounds great! Writing it out for a month!

    Have a wonderful day!


  6. […] exhaustion it brought on. I’m working on my July goals list right now (you may remember my June goals post from last month). I swear, these lists never end! As soon as I cross something out I’m adding […]

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