Cupcake Love

One of my housewarming party hostess tasks was to make cupcakes! For Christmas last year my friend got me a mini cupcake maker (think waffle maker but with tiny cupcake wells). I put it to good use this weekend, making confetti cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting and a strawberry slice! (I was proud of them.) So here comes a cupcake themed Etsy Love post!

In case you missed it, you can find my DIY Dessert Stand tutorial here.

Yummy cupcake soap!

LOVE this cupcake tank!

How cute is this print?

The sweetest party banner.

Such a fun bow!

I even have some cupcake goodies in my shop!

Hope you get inspired to make some yummy cupcakes! Have you entered this week’s giveaway yet? It’s dreamy.

  1. Yummy! We have a local cupcake shop called Cupcake Royale. They have the best sayings on their shirts/buttons… Legalize Frostitution!

  2. SisterBatik 7 years ago

    OOooh I love the cupcakes in the top picture!

  3. Wear The Canvas 7 years ago

    I’m a sucker for cupcakes!

  4. Jackie 7 years ago

    I love love love cupcakes they are all over my house!

  5. Sweet! I love cupcakes!

  6. Shanti Pranadi 7 years ago

    I love cupcakes!!! Oh, the cupcake soap is very cute..

  7. Buy Rift Accounts 7 years ago

    that looks so yummy!! *drools*

  8. Amber 7 years ago

    Yummm!! What a fun post 🙂 I love the first set of cupcakes. The bow is so cute, too!

  9. Armada Volya 7 years ago

    mmm… cupcakes. I always liked the idea of cupcake soap btw. Maybe I should make a huge cake…


  10. Tara 7 years ago

    cupcakes r amazing. <3


  11. Voe 7 years ago

    Love this article!

    All the best,

  12. Natalie 6 years ago

    LOVE this post 🙂 I am totally a sucker for cupcakes. Where did you find the tank top??

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