Mason Jar Love

This weekend I went to a cute little restaurant in Laguna Beach called The Cottage. I got an amazing Bloody Mary, and I loved it even more because it was served in a mason jar. It gave me the idea to have a mason jar themed Etsy love post because I think they are so cute, and so versatile. Plus, I always feel lucky when I find a turquoise one at the thrift store. :]

How gorgeous is this light fixture?!

These screen printed cloth bags are so cute!

I have quite a few mason jar candles from Etsy!

Adorable wedding invitations! Love the color scheme!

I love this idea! Really need to get one of these for our bathroom!

I’m some one who loves organization, so this would be perfect to hang next to our door!

  1. PoodlePoddles 7 years ago

    I love mason jars too. And I really like the soap dispenser and organizer. 🙂

  2. ImSoVintage 7 years ago

    I also love mason jars. I remember when my sister was in high school she went through a faze where she wouldn’t drink from anything but mason jars. Love your blog and just added myself as a follower.

  3. kristanlynn 7 years ago

    love it! just as much as i love mason jars. i have an ever growing collection =)thy’re so nifty!

  4. honey my heart 7 years ago

    mason jars are so fun. i love the idea of it as a soap dispenser!

  5. jacqster. 7 years ago

    I love the mason jar light fixture!

  6. Jennifer 7 years ago

    I love mason jars! I used to drink out of them all the time when I was little and visiting my grandma’s house. It always made the drink special somehow, even if it was just water, haha.

  7. lesley 7 years ago

    i too love mason jars… i just made a couple diy mason jar soap dispensers for my kitchen! great finds.


  8. Amanda 7 years ago

    Love love love that light fixture! What a great idea!

  9. Hapa Girls 7 years ago

    I love mason jars as well! Great blog you have! I just started following you ;o)

  10. mom24boys 7 years ago

    I love these. Just perfect for my sister in laws gift! I am sharing them on my blog.
    thanks so much!

  11. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Yes! How do we make the soap dispenser?

  12. Yosefa 6 years ago

    I love the little shelf with the built-in vase!

  13. Amy 6 years ago

    where do you get the soap dispenser for the mason jars?

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